Personalised buttons made to order


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about funkylime

funkylime is a small 'cottage industry' style craft business, working with polymer clay. There are many button options available in the shop , however many other options can be made to order, so please ask if there is anything you would like to know. We are usually able to work from any ideas you may have and send photos for approval before any work is begun. Any orders that are taken can be invoiced at a later date when you are happy with your choices. Payment can be made through paypal or bank transfer if preferred.



standard buttons are available to order from the shop, however you may like to consider the following other options when  choosing what to order - just send through an email with any preferences:




options to consider

button size almost any size can be achieved from a 5mm up to a 12.5cm button.



button shape standard shapes are in the shop including round, heart, star, flower. many other shapes can be made.

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tiny buttons


large buttons

the funky workshop


Becky, the polymer clay artist

endless colour options available


button colour any colour can be ordered and effects such as rainbow stripes or blended colours are possible.

button thickness all buttons are supplied in a standard thickness, however if thicker buttons are required for extra strength or just for the chunky effect, this can be done too, just get in touch with your requirements.

button holes just specify if require one tag hole, 2 button holes and placement eg central holes or at the sides, 4 holes are also an option.

button finish can be gloss, matt, shimmer or glitter. Buttons can also be left with no varnish if no ink is required if stamped buttons are chosen.

add ons eg magnets, badge backs, key fobs, cord, wire and beads can all be added on request

raised details such as hearts, flowers, stars etc can be added on request.

key fob add ons

raised details

four holes

duo tones buttons can have two colours such as a central section and outer rim.

duo tones

stamped button