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Hi and welcome! This is where we will try to add any new ideas or exciting orders that we have received to keep you up to date with all the options that we are proud to be able to offer. Whether you are interested in the standard value options or luxury bespoke items, hopefully there will be something to catch your eye. If you need help or more information please get in touch via the contact page!

Popular 25mm button offer!

By funkylime, Apr 24 2019 03:09PM

30 of the popular 25mm (1") buttons are currently available at the offer price of £8 plus £2 p&p (UK) which is added at checkout. This offer will be available for a limited time, so why not take advantage while you can.

The items can be made up as buttons or tags, in any colour, with any wording and any font. The photos here are an example of what can be done. The option of the heart shape is also available for a limited time.

As with any funkylime orders, I'm always happy to send photos of samples for you to look at. if you would like to send a description of any idea that you have, please fill in the form available on the contact page and a photo of your design will be sent for your approval before you place an order.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the funkylime website! Becky x

Apr 24 2019 03:51PM by Lorraine Self

Hi I would be very interested in having some of the heart buttons, as tags please.
Would it be possible to have two lots? One pack of 30 with Hand Made with love by Lorri ? Or are there too many words?
Also a second pack of 30 with Handmade with love Flowers and Dreams ?
If it is possible I could then look at the fonts?
If you could let me know I would be grateful?
Not sure how long this offer of 30 buttons/hearts tags £8 plus £2 p&p is on for as I’ve only just seen the post.
Many thanks
Lorraine x

Apr 24 2019 04:15PM by funkylime

Hi Lorraine, thank for your enquiry. I have tried your wording and it fits ok! If you could let me know your email, I can send you a photo of a sketch and if that's ok I can try a sample or two. My email is [email protected], thanks Becky x

Apr 24 2019 04:31PM by Su Porter

Hello, would I be able to have rainbow hearts with 'thank you' on them please? x

Apr 24 2019 04:46PM by Ann Elwood

Please can I have one set of each of the 3 types shown but the disc with one hole to say handmade with love.

Apr 24 2019 04:56PM by funkylime

Su Porter, thank you for your order! I have messaged you through my facebook page too, Becky x

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